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Dear Students and Parents,

Heartily Welcome to DIS (Deeksha International School) portal & thank you for choosing to visit our web-portal. To survive in this competitive world, one has to excel in every walk of life. Now it is not just the "survival of the fittest but "it is the survival of the excellent "and to become excellent", one has to plan one's activities and be methodical "Vision ignites the mind". Dreams are to be transformed into thoughts and thoughts into action. Success follows action. There may have been roadblocks. One needs to dream beyond what is possible. if you want to achieve excellence, you should not have limited vision . whatever we are today was a dream once. People with clear vision achieve success. It is a fact that success belongs to the thinkers. What you really need is the will to work hard and more than talent, a purpose. I believe that greatest gift we can give our children is to empower and prepare them through quality education so that they have a good, start when they enter the competitive world full of Challenges. Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is program but working together is success. Best Regards !
Mrs. Kabita Sharma